propic Interview with Concert Blogger

Since the release of her breakout single, “Crazy, Crazy,” Canadian solo-artist Guinevere has been climbing her way up the charts and touring the world to spread her take on pop music. With the energy of established favorites like Britney Spears, the sultry rawness of Christina Aguilera, and a voice with the tone of Joan Jett plus a bit of Ann Wilson’s power, Guinevere has created her own niche in the world of music. Guinevere has gotten nods from the likes of Ryan Seacrest, who made mention of her cover ofMac Miller‘s “Missed Calls.” The track showed her versatility as an artist, easily able to make the jump between electro-pop and club music to a more sensitive and emotional song.

Wrapping her tour and preparing to head back into the studio for more fashionable “F-bombs” and creatively catchy tunes (Dave Aude remixed her first single, you’ll definitely want to check this out), Guinevere is ready to take her freshman efforts back for another semester of studio time. While we’re fortunate enough to have a great vantage point from which to view her progress, there’s nothing like hearing from the artist herself on what it’s like to break into the music industry, and stay on top of it.

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