avatar Guinevere Featured on Tom Francirek Blog

“This month, Guinevere rocked through the United States like a hurricane to sold out shows across the country as she resumed her “Crazy Crazy” tour.  Kicking things off in beautiful, sunny California, concert goers were treated to an amazing performance at the Supper Club on March 7th.  The following day, things got a little wild on March 8th when Guinevere performed for 2000+ adoring fans at Tiger Heat atThe Avalon in Los Angeles.  After rocking the stage at Tiger Heat, she ended the evening with a second show atConfidential Beverly Hill in Beverly Hills.”

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avatar Crazy Crazy Review by Team Hellions

“Every now and then my wife makes me listen to music that she enjoys (let’s just say we have the most diametrically opposed taste in music as a married couple could have), and seldom, I do find a song that I enjoy. Recently she played me this single from Guinevere, and while at first it did strike me, it took a bit to grow on me. And now that it has, this really is a good song.”

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avatar Guinevere Interview with Virgin Radio Canadian Top 20

“Check out our interview with Guinevere, a brand new artist from Toronto. She’s fresh off a tour with Nick Carter – and this month she’s off to the US to play festivals like SXSW and ULTRA.

She’ll tell you what she HAS to have on the road with her, what it’s like being a girl gamer and what to expect from her upcoming album… and she treated us to acoustic performances of her songs ‘Crazy, Crazy‘ and ‘I Don’t Believe In Love‘ – a song Bruno Marswanted to steal from her after she co-wrote it with Ari Levine of the Smeezingtons.”

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avatar Guinevere Featured on Entertainment Focus

“Upcoming pop starlet Guinevere got a visit from Digital Tour Bus during her recent stop in Chicago while touring with Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. The singer gave a behind the scenes look at her tour bus and talked about what her and the crew do during downtime – including watching Star Trek and having chocolate cake fights. She also performed an impromptu acoustic version of her latest single, Crazy Crazy.”

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avatar Guinevere Interview with Starpulse.com

Guinevere’s latest single, “Crazy Crazy,” is rocking the dance floors and blowing up on the Billboard Club Play chart at #22 this week with the highest debut from a previously uncharted artist. She just finished touring with former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter and is ready to release her solo album and get back on that tour bus for more anticipated tour dates. Guinevere spoke with Starpulse about her hot single “Crazy Crazy”, what it was like touring with Nick and when we can expect her album.”

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avatar Guinevere Interview with Celebzter.com

“Her current single “Crazy Crazy” is racing up the charts, and she is currently touring the country with Nick Carter.

Singer Guinevere is on the brink of stardom, and we caught up with her somewhere between Boston and Huntington this week.

Here’s our interview with her….

Celebzter: How would you describe your music?

Guinevere: If Black Sabbath and Beyonce had a baby – that’s what my music sounds like. Very aggressive pop.

Celebzter: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Guinevere: I draw my inspiration from all over. I am inspired by different artists, personal life experiences – there’s no specifics.”

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avatar Guinevere Interview with ChicagoPride.com

“Straight from the Arthurian legend, singer Guinevere brings her pop princess vocals to Chicago this week. The Canadian’s “Crazy Crazy” single is spinning on the dance charts meanwhile we found her riding on Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s tour bus across the country.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Guinevere. How are you?

G: (Guinevere) Good, a little hot at the back of this tour bus though.

JN: I’m so excited you are heading our way. You will be at House of Blues first with Nick Carter.

G: Yes, I can’t wait. That is going to be a big show. I have heard some great things about the House of Blues so I am excited to rock the stage!”

avatar Guinevere Video Shout Out on Pynk Celebrity

Guinevere gave a video shout out to Pynk Celebrity and they posted it on their website.

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avatar Guinevere Featured on Band Weblogs

“Bold and audacious, pop singer Guinevere is losing her mind on her debut single “Crazy Crazy,” while aiming at the heart of Top-40 with her catchy pop hooks.

Guinevere will premiere the edgy, futuristic video for “Crazy Crazy” later this month.

In the meantime, check out Guinevere’s popular video with Youtube sensation Keenan Cahill for “Crazy Crazy.””

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avatar Guinevere Featured on Culture Pop

“This morning I was introduced to a brand new pop artist named Guinevere. I went to her site and with hesitation listened to the track. I was shockingly surprised, mostly due to the first image that appeared on her site (which I felt should be softer). She has just dropped her first single, “Crazy Crazy” and is ready to tackle the pop world as we know it. She is currently working on her debut album and has worked on it with a slew of producers including Cirkut(Britney Spears), Brian West (Nelly Furtado), Arthur McArthur (Drake), Kevin Rudolph (Lil Wayne), to name a few. I would suggest she swap out the imaging and tongue on her photos and a lot more people would take it seriously (like the image above)! Just an opinion. But nevertheless the track is moveable, catchy, and really made me happy it was Friday! All positives in my book. I will look out for sure! Enjoy below for FREE!”

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