propic Concert Blogger Review Fly Away Video

Concert Blogger have gotten hold of Guinevere’s latest music video for “Fly Away” and given it a very colorful review! See the full article here!


propic Fly Away Official Video Released Today!

Fly Away has officially been premiered on VEVO! Watch the video here!

propic “Fly Away” Makes Song Of The Day!

Guinevere’s latest single “Fly Away” has made Notable Dance’s song of the day! See the full article here!


propic Lyric Video for New “Fly Away” Single

In anticipation of the “Fly Away” music video, Guinevere has released a lyric video for her new single!

propic Guinevere To Perform At The “Winter Music Conference” In Miami

It has just been announced that Guinevere will be performing at Fly Life’s “Winter Music Conference” Showcase in Miami March 21! She will join the lineup alongside Alexis Jordan, K. Rose, Ashley Allen and DJ/Producer/Remixer Bill Coleman. See full article here.


propic Fly Away Pagano Remix Featured On DJ Grind

“Need a little slice of summer to fend off the winter blues? Look no further than this new track from newcomer Guinevere, featured on my March podcast. Produced by Cirkut [Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha], “Fly Away” plays on intricately-crafted lyrics and melody that help tell a story of liberation. With a world-class remix package that includes offerings from 7th Heaven, Pagano, Jump Smokers and KoKo, there’s a version for just about any dance floor.”

Full article here


propic Examiner Previews Brand New Remixes For “Fly Away” Single!

62475c56ee3aec1d8e5ccb0e9c8340ca has gotten behind Guinevere and previewed the latest “Fly Away” remixes by talented DJ’s/remixers Koko and Pagano. Read the full article and listen to the new tracks here!

propic “Fly Away” Single and Remixes are now on iTunes!!!!


So excited to announce the official release of my single “Fly Away”. I worked really hard on this and can’t thank you all enough for the continued support. This album comes bundled with a bunch of incredible remixes, so get it now!!!

Click the iTunes link to download. Fly Away (Remixes) - Guinevere

propic Viva LaRiviera Preview “Fly Away” Teaser have previewed Guinevere’s teaser for “Fly Away.” See page here

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propic “Queer Me Up” Announces ‘Fly Away’ Release

Guinevere’s debut single, ‘Fly Away,’ produced by Cirkut, [Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha] which features Guinevere’s in-your-face attitude, world-class production and intricately crafted lyrics and melody, all which help tell a story of liberation. “I consider this a positive song, with a clear, strong message that you can break free. Everyone has experienced being stuck in a bad relationship at some point in their life. It’s that moment after you’ve decided to let go, and you feel a sense of joyous freedom – you can be yourself again. It’s not about an ending as much as about a new beginning.” Guinevere’s ‘Fly Away’ video will be released along with her single.

Read the full article from here